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Sound Design / Mixing / Location Sound

Potion: a concoction of the perfect ingredients, preparation, levels, balance, timing, and vision to conjure the magic mix that transcends the sum of its raw materials, that enhances the multi-sensory experience.

Sonic Branding / Audio Installation / Music Composition

We deliver exceptional bespoke audio that will add fresh dimensions to your visual content, and an exceptional bespoke personal experience from the initial ideas stage all the way through to the definitive article.

Razor sharp precision, ultra creativity, and a belief that the science and art of sound can inform and inspire each other with transcendental results.

Dialogue editing / Foley / Audio Restoration

Great visual content deserves to suspend our disbelief, and sound is the magic and emotion that will transform and elevate a project into a full-on multi-sensory immersive experience.

In short, impeccable audio, imaginative sound design.